Types of curtain headings

Are you heading in the right direction?

There are many types of curtain headings available. The most popular of which are pencil pleat, pinch pleat and eyelet, all of which we offer in every fabric.

Pencil Pleat Heading

The most popular type of heading. Also known as a “tape” heading, they have three hook positions so they work with a wide range of tracks and poles.

Pinch Pleat Heading

Pinch pleats (sometimes known as French pleats, offer a more formal option. Popular in dining rooms and master bedrooms the triple pleats can come with or without covered buttons. The pleats are hand-sewn and non-adjustable. We’ll make them to your exact measurements so they’ll fit perfectly.

Eyelet Heading

For a more modern twist you might want to go for an eyelet heading. The eyelets come in six colours and are 40mm wide to fit up to 30mm poles. They are super easy to hang and the curtains are a little less full then the pleat variety giving that relaxed feel to a room.

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