How to measure for blinds

Measuring for Roman Blinds

Use our guide below will help you capture the correct measurements ahead of ordering your new made to measure blinds.

How to measure for your roman blinds

Recess fitting (within the window) or Exact fitting (against the wall)?

The final decision to make once you've chosen one of our lovely fabrics is how you want your blinds to hang.

Recess fitting

Measure the full width and height of the window recess. Don't make any deductions. We will make the necessary allowances for you so that they fitt perfectly.


For both the width and drop, measure the window in 3 places as shown in the image opposite, and use the smallest measurements.

Use a metal tape measure as cloth ones can give inaccurate measurements


Measuring outside the recess (Exact Fitting)

If you want your blind to hang outside the recess, take the exact measurements and we will make the blind to your specified size.

Measure the exact width of the area you would like the blind to overlap

To minimise light leakage the blind should overlap the window recess by at least 7cm at the top and 5cm each side


When choosing the overlap at the bottom of your blind, take into account obstacles such as radiatorsIf you are replacing an existing blind, measure it and we will make you a new one of exactly the same size

Use a metal tape measure as cloth ones can give inaccurate measurements

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