How to hang roman blinds

Hanging roman blinds

These instructions will help you to hang your new made to measure roman blind.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that blinds be installed by someone competent in DIY

1. Fixing the brackets

The brackets are designed for face or top fixing to frame, wall or ceiling (Fig. 1).

  1. Mark through the screw holes the position for the cam supports making sure they are level and in line, check with spirit level
  2. With the brackets removed, drill each bracket screw position. Fox brackets int place using screw provided, check alignment and level as you go. Use the wall plugs provided for plaster and masonry walls. For plaster walls either secure a wooden batten first or use appropriate plaster wall fixings (not supplied).

2. Installing the rail

With the cam lock supports in the unlocked position, mount the rail onto the supports by resting the front of the lip onto the front of the supports. Secure by sliding the cam lever on the supports into the locked position (Fig. 2).

3. Fitting the safety clip

This device is used to prevent the control chain from forming a hazardous loop and must be fitted.

  1. Positioning (Fig. 3): The safety clip shall be installed at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to the looped chain from becoming slack.
    Place the chain loop inside the safety clip. Take up any slack and check to ensure that the chain is under tension.
    Do not apply excessive tension as this may affect the operation of the blind. Mark the fixing hole at this position.
  2. Fitting (Fig. 4):
    Solid Plaster Walls – Drill a 5.5mm hole and insert the wall plug provided before screwing into this.

    Wood Fixing – Drill a 2mm pilot hole and use the screw provided, screwing directly into the wood.

    All other surfaces – (Hollow plaster board, UPVC, Metal etc) Special fixings are required for these surfaces (not supplied). You will need to purchase these separately from a DIY store.

    Check that the chain is under continuous tension.
    Important! Ensure that the safety clip has been fitted to a sound and secure surface.

  3. Additional child safety feature
    Your blind has been pre-fitted with rear cord clips that are designed to safely detach the crd from the main blind should a child become entangled. If any of the clips accidentally detach simply clip back into position (Fig. 5).

4. Operating the blind

Pulling the chain in either direction will raise or lower the blind.

Note: Excessive force may damage the product (Fig. 6).

5. Cleaning your blind

Made to order products should be cleaned by professional dry cleaners. Only the fabric of the blind can be dry cleaned. All cord bars, clips and hooks must be removed before cleaning.

To lengthen the time between cleaning and to prevent dust from becoming engrained into the fibres, vacuum your blind regularly using the correct soft furnishing attachment.

If you have a set of products in the same fabric, always clean them together. This helps to avoid colour variations over a period of time.

5. Assembly after cleaning

Thread rods carefully back under the tapes.
Place the bottom bar back into hem and stitch the end closed.
Attach blind to track using fix end close tape.
Thread cords through the safety clips as shown in Fig 7.

Note: Do NOT thread the cord through the tape as this will not allow the cords to break away safely in the event a child gets entangled.

When the cord has been fed through the last safety clip, feed it through the clear round toggle and secure with double knots.

Roman Blind safety warning
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