How to hang pinch pleat curtains

Hanging pinch pleat curtains

These instructions will help you to hang and dress your new made to measure pinch pleat curtains perfectly.

PLEASE NOTE: Pinch Pleat hooks are very sharp. Please handle with care when inserting them into your curtains.

  1. Pinch Pleat curtains are delivered ready to hang, complete with adjustable metal hooks.
  2. The hooks can be moved to allow you to adjust the length of the curtain.
  3. Check the width is correct by holding each curtain up at the pole or track. Tip: allow for a slight overlap in the middle (approx 2.5 cm or 1 inch) so the curtains fully close.
  4. To reposition the hooks, hold a tape measure against the heading to mark where the hooks should be inserted. Gently ease the straight part of the hook through the fabric and buckram (stiffened lining) behind each pinch pleat and the flat piece of fabric at each end of the curtain. See Fig.1
    Take extra care not to go through to the front of the curtain.
  5. Make sure you have the same number of rings or glider hooks on the pole or track that corresponds with the number of hooks in the curtain. Don’t forget to count the fixed end stop if you are using a track. See Fig. 2
  6. If using rings, in order to avoid the whole curtain sliding into the middle of the window when you close the curtains, you should position the first ring on the outside edge of the curtain at the end of the pole. See Fig. 3
  7. Dressing your curtains once up. All curtains need time to settle and it may take a few weeks for any creasing to drop out and the folds to fall correctly. Tip: to achieve a professional look, take a strip of fabric, ribbon or cord and loosely tie around each curtain to keep the pleats in place. Keep the curtains tied in position for a min of 48 hours. This will allow your curtain to develop distinct and even pleats.

Cleaning Instructions:

All our curtains are dry clean only. For individual and full wash care instructions please follow the care label.

Please note: we do not recommend that our curtains are ironed or steamed. We will not accept any liability for damage caused by incorrect washing or ironing.

How to hang pinch pleat curtains Fig 1 | Curtain Drop

Fig 1

How to hang pinch pleat curtains Fig 2 | Curtain Drop

Fig 2

How to hang pinch pleat curtains Fig 3 | Curtain Drop

Fig 3

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